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Novaro, Italian singer and composer, innovative artist who has international recognition thanks to the fusion of rhythms and musical sounds based on different genres, his pop and urban musical productions come from the collaboration of a talented team carried out in his own studio, Novaro Records .

> Motivation

His greatest motivation is the sounds and memories that often transported him to the past, to many places, reflecting his inspiration to make all his songs.

> How do I make my Songs?

Making my songs, turns out to be an unexpected process, sometimes it is fast, sometimes it takes time, it is difficult to determine when it will happen, it just comes the moment when that idea comes up, which provokes me to talk about it. That’s when I feel the muse in me and I immediately start writing and humming the theme in my head no matter the time, the hour or the place. That’s how I build it, imagining how it will look or sound, until I have the final model, without having many mistakes or errors, everything flows by itself, even the same search for the sounds that make each of my songs very particular. For me a song is like a child, you dream it, you wish it, you think it, you conceive it, you see it born, then you grow up until it turns out to be someone. All without predicting when it will happen.


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